Emergency Supply Kit

Have the Supplies You Need During Disasters

When a disaster strikes, it is important to be prepared. An emergency supply kit puts survival supplies together in one place and enables people to stay alive during a disaster. Plans and supplies need to be in place to make it on your own at least for a limited time until the disaster passes or responders are able to reach you.

Emergency supply kits do not need to be put together all at once, but it is important to start preparing now. Start with materials you have at home and add to it over time.

Some important categories to include items from are:

  • Food and water
  • First aid, medication and hygiene
  • Communication and lighting
  • Transportation and document bag items
  • Home safety
  • Comfort Items
  • Pet supplies

Take into consideration the event of a power loss, special medical needs, functional and access needs and post-disaster hazards.

TexasPrepares.org offers a printable supply checklist as a tool to help you build a complete emergency supply kit.

Go Bag

A Go Bag is a smaller, easily transported version of an emergency supply kit. It is used when a disaster is happening or developing quickly in McKinney. This can be used in combination with your emergency supply kit at home and separately at work.

A Go Bag should be kept in one bag or container, such as a back-pack, that can be taken quickly in the case of evacuation. Important items that should be included are:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Comfortable walking shoes

Other items may be included from your Emergency Supply Kit for specific, individual needs. Different situations may also require additional items. Remember that this bag may have to be carried for long distances. Keep in mind how many items are being included and what type of bag is being used.