Environmental Lessons

GreenKidButtonWeb.jpgLessons for Children

The Environmental Education Department offers a variety of lessons for children and adults. Lessons can be tailored to any particular age group. These lessons usually fulfill requirements for a variety of patches or awards for organizations like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and the ideal number of students per lesson varies. Lessons are available free of charge to any group in the City of McKinney.

At the end of the lesson, children are given an "I’m a Green Kid" button along with information and items that further promote sustainability. To set up a presentation contact the Environmental Education Coordinator at 972-547-7335.

Fred the fish icon.jpgFred the Fish & Urban Stew

Students participate in an activity that provides a visual understanding of some of the consequences of stormwater pollution.

  • Students are divided into groups of 10
  • Adult assistance for groups larger than 10 is ideal
  • Access to running water is also very helpful

Recycle Relay

Students participate in a garbage sorting activity to determine what is and is not recyclable. They also discuss reusing and recycling as they sort through items that might be found in the trash.

  • Students are divided into groups of 10
  • Adult assistance for groups larger than 10 is appreciated
  • A large open space like a gym or long hallway is ideal

incredible journey icon.jpgThe Incredible Journey

Students make their own journey of the water cycle as they play a game that follows the path of water.

  • Best for ages six and older
  • Students work independently
  • A large open space with multiple tables works best

Packing a Waste-Free Lunch
Students learn about the importance of reducing waste and reusing products when preparing their lunch for school.