Activity Guides

Find and Register for Parks Activities

The City of McKinney Parks and Recreation Department publishes an activity guide two times a year, and the Apex Centre publishes a guide three times a year. In the guides, you will find class and activity listings, registration dates and additional registration information.

Parks & Recreation Fall Guide

Links to PDF of Parks Fall 2020 Guide

Apex Centre Fall Guide

Links to Apex Centre Fall Guide

Here’s How to Register

Parks & Recreation Classes

  • Register online - Register online for Parks classes 
    Note: Except Apex Centre classes, tennis, golf and Children’s Health StarCenter classes
  • For login issues, call 972-547-7480
  • Register by phone
    For Parks classes other than swimming, tennis, golf or Children’s Health StarCenter classes call one of the recreation centers during business hours:
    • Community Center: 972-547-2690
    • Old Settlers: 972-542-5014
    • Senior Recreation Center: 972-547-7491
  • Register in Person


Apex Centre Classes

Golf Classes

Tennis Classes

  • To register for any of the classes held at The Courts at Gabe Nesbitt Park:
  • Go to the Tennis Center website
  • Call 972-547-2012
  • Visit the Tennis Center at 3253 Alma Rd. during operational hours

Children’s Health StarCenter Classes