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The city’s parks and hike and bike trails are managed by the Parks Development Department. This department is responsible for the planning, design and construction management of parks, trails, park facilities and open space within the city. The funding for the acquisition, design and construction of our parks and park facilities comes from a combination of developer contributions, grants, McKinney Development Corporation money and bond elections.

Our hike and bike trails, which are shown in more detail on the trails link below, are built primarily through the development process. For this reason, a trails plan can take many years to implement. Any proposed trails that are located on city property are funded and constructed by the city and through grant money.

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Hike and Bike Trail Master Plan Update

On May 19, 2021, the Parks and Recreation Department hosted a community meeting to discuss the City-Wide Trail Master Plan. The meeting gave residents an opportunity to provide feedback on what they would like to see in the future for McKinney’s hike and bike trails.

If you missed the meeting, we still want to hear from you. 

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  • Click on a park icon or trail for address and amenities. 
  • Existing trails are the solid black lines
  • Planned trails are the dotted lines. 
  • If you click on a park and get a popup about a trail, look for an arrow that takes you from one of two to two of two pages.

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