Bavarian Experience Stage

Bavarian Experience Stage
This stage offers unique and fun-filled experiences and contests to "bring out the Bavarian” in all of us! Stein Holding, Brat Eating Contest,  and meet the brewmasters...  Learn more

Crape Myrtle Trails Run

Crape Myrtle Trails Run
Register now for McKinney’s Crape Myrtle Run taking place September 25 on Oktoberfest weekend. 10K, 5K and 1-mile fun run options. Enjoy free games for... Learn more

Bier Stein Race

Gemuetlichkeit (Goodwill) Games!
We’ve created the Gemuetlichkeit (goodwill) Games! It’s our fun-filled “competition area” on East Louisiana St., and the contests include Bier Stein Races on Friday... Learn more

Stein holding competition

Hofbrau Stein-holding Competition 
Think you can hold a Hofbrau beer? What if it weighs five pounds? Try your hand - and arm - at a game called Masskrugstemmen, or “beer stein holding.” Masskrugstemmen is not...  Learn more

Brave Combo

Music & Dance Schedule 
Find out when your favorites are playing and hear them all!  Learn more
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Oktoberfest Parade

Wilkommen! A long-standing tradition of Oktoberfests around the world, the opening parade of McKinney’s Oktoberfest marks the beginning of a weekend filled with food, drink and lots of FUN! Led by a...  Learn more