Reading Lists for Children

Babies and Toddlers 

Babies and very young children need stimulus for healthy brain development. A child’s first teacher is the parent. These books are meant for a parent to read with a child. 

Young Children

Young children are constantly learning language and literacy skills. These books help parents prepare a child for a lifetime of learning. They foster pre-literacy skills and get a child ready for school.

Big Kids

The books in this list are for children who are reading on their own. Most children are reading chapter books in this stage of life, but a picture book is just as fun. The books selected foster vocabulary building, awareness of other people’s experiences, and reflect many segments of the community. Children should try them for fun along with the things they have to read for school.

 For Further Reading

If a title shown on one of these lists is not available, you may want to try other titles by the same author using the library catalog. Log into your account to place a hold on any title.