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December 3, 2020 4:12 PM

12/03/2020 - FAQ on the Governor's Executive Order 32

The North Texas region is nearing the seven-day mark for exceeding the TSA-E threshold of 15% of Covid-19 hospitalizations, which triggers temporary changes per Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA 32 in occupancy should the region remain above 15% for seven consecutive days.

What is TSA-E?

Texas' 254 counties are divided into 22 Trauma Service Areas (TSAs), each with a Regional Advisory Council that sets the guidelines for that TSA's trauma care system. TSA-E represents the North Texas Region and includes 19 area counties, which includes Collin County, with a total population of approximately 8 million and 16,890 staffed hospital beds.

What happens if TSA-E (which includes Collin County) reaches a 15% rate of Covid-19 hospitalizations?

The region must maintain a 15% or higher Covid-19 hospitalization rate for seven consecutive days for changes to occur.

What happens if TSA-E (which includes Collin County) gets to 15% for seven consecutive days?

Businesses or any establishment that would otherwise have a 75% occupancy rate must limit their occupancy to 50% per the Governor’s Executive Order 32 (issued Oct. 7, 2020). This includes restaurants, retail stores, gyms, offices, museums, libraries, swimming pools, and similar facilities.

Bars and other establishments with 51% alcohol sales must close.

Hospitals must postpone all surgeries and procedures not considered “medically necessary” to diagnose or correct a serious medical condition or preserve life, per the Governor’s Executive Order 31 (issued Sept. 17, 2020).

Hospitals must reserve at least 10% of its hospital capacity to treat Covid-19 patients. A hospital may reserve less than 10% of its capacity for Covid-19 patients if it belongs to a ‘hospital system’ (more than one hospital) where the cumulative capacity reserved throughout the system is at least 10%, per the Governor’s Executive Order 31 (issued Sept. 17, 2020).

Will the Governor take any action or make any public statement announcing a TSA region has exceeded the threshold?

The Department of State Health Services will update the GA-32 website and send a letter to judges and mayors in the TSA. Separately, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission will send a letter to local hospitals informing them of the impact to elective surgeries.

When can businesses go back to operating at 75% capacity?

The regional TSA-E’s Covid-19 hospitalization rate must be below 15% for seven consecutive days.

Who is responsible for enforcing the occupancy requirements?

The Open Texas guidelines and Governor’s Executive Orders provide the framework needed to keep Covid-19 numbers at a manageable rate so businesses can remain open. Ultimately, restaurants are responsible for complying with the Governor’s requirements. The city is a resource to respond to concerns, but like most communities, the primarily focus is gaining compliance through education, collaborative conversations, and partnerships. The city has the authority to issue citations but prefers to work with businesses to seek compliance.

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