What’s the city’s current availability of doses?

This can be found in the Covid-19 Daily Report. Vaccines are in extremely limited supply at this time. Please be patient as it will take some time before vaccines are in sufficient supply to reach everyone in groups 1A and 1B and ultimately the general population.

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1. I’m on the Collin County Health Care Services waitlist; now what?
2. What’s the city’s current availability of doses?
3. How many vaccines does the city expect to receive?
4. What happens when the city receives the requested vaccines?
5. How will I be contacted for a vaccine appointment?
6. How much notice am I going to get ahead of my vaccination appointment?
7. What if I’m not available during my appointment time?
8. If I receive a vaccine from another provider, can I remove myself from this list?
9. I’m not in group 1A or 1B but want to be vaccinated, how do I get on the waitlist?
10. Collin County was not included on the Texas Department of State Health Services list as a vaccination hub; what does this mean for getting my vaccine from McKinney?
11. Will the city or county set up a vaccination supercenter?
12. I received an automated call from the Collin County Health Care Services but did not listen to the full message or confirm my place on the waitlist. Have I been removed from the waitlist?
13. How does the state determine which cities and counties receive vaccines?
14. How can I find out where I am on the waitlist?
15. Can I remove myself from the waitlist?
16. Are volunteers needed for the vaccine sites?
17. I think I have COVID-19, what should I do?
18. Where can I go to be tested?
19. How can I help protect myself?
20. Should I wear a face mask?
21. Do I need to wear a mask when I am dining in a restaurant?
22. Am I required to wear a mask or face covering if I have health issues that make it difficult for me to wear one?
23. I want to donate goods to help my community, where do I start?