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1. My business received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding. Am I still eligible for a TriCities SBGP?
2. What documentation is required for the SBGP?
3. Do I need to file all listed documents?
4. What documentation do I need for proof of the existence of my business?
5. How do I prove how long I have been in business?
6. What businesses are considered “sole proprietorships” to use net income to calculate payroll costs?
7. My business has locations in Collin County and other counties. Do I qualify for the SBGP?
8. My professional services business was considered essential by local \ state government orders, but I feel that my business was affected by the mandates. Can I still apply?
9. Will I be notified if my application is not approved?
10. How soon will these grants be awarded?
11. Who can I call to answer some of the questions I have about this application?
12. What expenses can the SBGP be used for?
13. What does the application review and award process look like?
14. Which businesses are ineligible?
15. Where does the funding for this grant come from?
16. My business is located in a coworking space, is my business eligible to apply for a grant?
17. I had a storefront/office location prior to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions issued by the State of Texas and was forced to close my physical presence. Am I eligible for a grant?
18. Who makes the grant award decisions?